Common Sense

The Little Ice Age is generally accepted to have ended in about 1880.  The first coal-fired power station was built in 1882 in London at the Holborn Viaduct. There are now 2,300 coal-fired power stations worldwide with 7,000 individual units burning coal.

The birth of the modern fuel-burning car is more or less accepted as having occurred in 1885 (there were many functional predecessors) by Gottlieb Daimler. It is estimated that there are 1 billion cars on the roads of the world today.

Although commercial washing machines were introduced in the 1850s, residential adoption didn’t really start until about 1900, give or take. There are now over two billion.

The rise in the concentrations of CO2 in the atmosphere also started approximately around 1880. A rise in global temperatures did as well.

It is not absurd to think there is a connection.

Almost everyone involved in the climate discussion agrees that there is indeed a connection. That increased concentrations of CO2 have contributed (along with deforestation, changes in land use and some other factors) to rising temperatures. Famous skeptics like Viscount Monckton, bloggers Anthony Watts and Steve McIntyre, skeptical scientists like Richard Lindzen and John Christy, all think this is true, obvious and not at all controversial.

That’s not what the debate is about.


2 responses to “Common Sense

  1. There are reasons to believe the coldest part of the Little Ice Age was in the 1600s, long before 1880. Yes, carbon dioxide is a greenhouse gas, but the earth was warming long before CO2 emissions were relevant.

  2. 1, I agree with Don B.
    2. Many changes occurred at the same time as the industrial age. There can be all kinds of specious correlations. Deforestation also has a pretty good connection.

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