Will The Circle Be Unbroken, By And By Lord, By And By


I don’t want to get all meta and ironical and stuff, but am I the only one who finds it amusing that the same week a brand new and improved Hockey Stick chart gets inflicted on us all that we are also inundated with 200,000 Climategate emails?

Next thing you know some former vice president will get caught with his hands on a masseuse and a respected scientist will be busted for faking the strategy documents of some heartless lobbying group.

I’d paw through the emails myself but I already have 1,273 unread messages in my inbox.

And I’d get a bit snarky about Marcotte et al but why bother when McIntyre is probably going to unload on it any day now–unless he gets trapped inside those emails…

Let me know how it all turns out, okay? I’m going to bed.

Update: Oh. McIntyre has already begun unpacking Marcotte. I hope Marcotte is not as thin-skinned as Mann. (Will there ever be an actor in the climate wars whose name doesn’t begin with ‘M’? McIntyre, McKitrick, Mann, Mosher, Me, M. Tobis, Mansen, Momm…)


13 responses to “Will The Circle Be Unbroken, By And By Lord, By And By

  1. It’s a bit difficult to square the circle of Marcotte telling McIntyre that the 20th century results are “not robust” and then watching the interview that Revkin had with him. SSDD.

  2. The only interesting question left is who will be the first climate scientist to publish a formal walk back from the hockey stick(s)?
    Tom, I hope you and Mosher will do a repeat of your admirable job on this third tranche of data.

  3. Why is everyone concentrating on the historical reconstruction and ignoring the 8°C prosthetic limb bolted onto the observed data?

  4. Tom, you were right. Mac is hungry. Like an insidious cancer, he is relentlessly dissecting the Marcott hockey stick. Painful, but enjoyable to watch. We are witnessing a Big Mac Attack. Mac is seriously allergic to hockey sticks.

  5. Tom, I think you should read this : http://mondediplo.com/2013/03/09gaz

  6. Hi Tom, I recall a little while back Jim Bouldin (aka – botany boy), yelling at the rooftops that hockey sticks are not important to the climate debate. Then, Marcott gets published and the whole warmist world explodes in excitement, rejuvenating the still dead Mannian hockey stick. Yet again, big Mac starts his vivisection and it looks like Marcott et al. might have to be retracted. Tom, you might consider coming over to the good side and distant yourself from these duplicitous warmsters before it is too late.

    • I’ll give you 3 to 2 odds that Mac is a lukewarmer just like me. What will you bet?

      • Tom, I do not disagree that Mac is a lukewarmer. But I’d bet you anything he is a luke for entirely different reasons.

      • Tom,
        Steve is definitely in the lukewarmer camp, as are most of us.
        For me, anyone who admits temps have risen is a lukewarmer.
        The issue is integrity (lacking in many of the catastrophists) and alarmism, claiming to see disaster where nothing much is actually happening.

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