Did you miss me?

Hey–if the main topic of this blog is still of interest to anybody out there, let me know and I’ll re-start it. I’m in Taiwan now, where it’s much easier to work on this.

Happy New Year, by the way… Jin Nian Kuai Le!


6 responses to “Did you miss me?

  1. Tom, I check into this blog every day, hoping, just hoping that you will restart it. Happy New Year

  2. Tom, I attended a scientific conference last November. I talked with 16 scientists whose politics ranged from moderate to extreme left. None of them believed in CAGW.

  3. Yes – I will follow the blog as long as you are writing

  4. Just now saw the notice at Bishop Hill. Welcome back.

    Also, of course the topic is still of interest.

  5. Tom welcome back! Yes please continue (as you obviously have done, and done so very well) your excellent and unique insights.

  6. We sure did, welcome back.

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