Discussing Global CO2 Emissions

To follow on and extend the discussion started yesterday, here is some interesting data taken from CDIAC. I posted earlier on my companion blog 3000 Quads that while climate change is surely a global issue, fixing it is not. The top 5 emitters will be responsible for more than 60% of CO2 emissions between now and 2040, mostly due to China and India’s increasing energy consumption.


Emissions are projected to be high. The amount of CO2 our energy use will release in the next 25 years amounts to 80% of all the CO2 we have emitted since 1750. That’s quick work.

Global human emissions of CO2 since 1750: 364,725 million metric tons of carbon, multiplied by 3.667 to get 1,337,446.5 mmts of CO2.

(To repeat the point made last year, (Don’t want to abandon my 15 minutes of blog fame), 100,883 mmts of carbon or 369,973 mmts of CO2 have been emitted since 1998. That’s 27.6% of the total.)

2010 emissions: 9,167 mmts carbon, or 33,615.38 mmts CO2. If we stabilized emissions at that level, between now and 2040 we would emit a total of 840,348.5 mmts of CO2. But of course, emissions are increasing.

Global projected emissions, 2015-2040: 1,041,892.19 mmts CO2

U.S. projected emissions CO2, 2015-2040: 143,512.3 (13.7% of global emissions)

China projected emissions CO2, 2015-2040: 342,165.91 (32.8%)

India projected emissions CO2, 2015-2040: 66,559.4 (6.4%)

Russia projected emissions CO2, 2015-2040: 48,886.96 (4.7%)

Japan projected emissions CO2, 2015-2040: 31,445.99 (3.0%)

Total top 5 emitters projected CO2, 2015-2040: 632,570.56 (60.7%)

While I spend a lot of time here criticizing those in the media and academia (and occasionally scientists) about some of the silly things they say, readers should not think I take the overall issue of AGW lightly. As these figures show, if CO2 has any effect on this planet’s climate, we are set to find out in the next 25 years.


3 responses to “Discussing Global CO2 Emissions

  1. Tom, have you reviewed the data coming from the new CO2 satellite mission NASA is now operating? Very interesting data.

  2. Tom, I’ll look for a link. I have only been catching snippets over at WUWT. It is becoming a dog that is not barking.

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