Another New-ish Voice

Okay, now I’ve got to update my blogroll. I’m going to add some new blogs and take off the retired ones.

My motivation is to gain exposure for the funniest blog I have seen in a very long time–Climate Nuremberg.

I don’t recall the last time I laughed out loud about climate change (well, maybe while reading Lewandowsky…)


If you are already familiar with the site you know what I’m talking about. If you haven’t seen it yet you’re in for a treat.

So–the floor’s open for other nominations. I’m going to add Ben Pile, Jose Duarte and a couple of others that escape me at the moment. Your picks? (I was going to add And Then There’s Physics but he said I was nasty… sigh…)


18 responses to “Another New-ish Voice

  1. Tom, that is an amazing site. Thanks!

  2. I’ll vote for the amazing Science of Doom site. As a completely impartial bystander I should probably get two votes.

  3. Link to Climate Nuremberg goes instead to a post at Climate Etc.

    You might be interested in the blogs of Ed Hawkins or Doug McNeall.

  4. I’ll second SoD.

  5. Okay, S.O.D. You’re in.

  6. Hi, I tried to add this earlier, but it did not post for some reason. I really think it is a good one:
    they are keeping a well documented log of climate predictions. Like Climate Nuremberg, it makes for hilarious reading.
    Another site worty of addition (imho) is from Australia, where Jennifer Marohasy has been documenting not only abuse of science and data in Australia. She has also worked very hard on showing positive ways forward out of the consensus dead end.

  7. Tom, I don’t know how much of Nuremberg you read, but I don’t see the humor and wouldn’t want to be associated with it.

    • Just to make things clear, I do’t find Islamophobia amusing.

      • I find fear of criticizing Islam to be even more annoying.

      • Criticizing what people do in the name of Islam is not islamophobia.

        Criticizing those who criticize what Moslims do in the name of Islam is just polical overcorrectness.

        You can improve the United States, but you really ought to see that peace in Arab countries depends on the people and their culture there, not on the western countries. Japan is peaceful. I find it very much cultural thing, a thing which is related to the fact that Japanese are not Moslims.

        I see this slightly off topic, but I also see this in the context of political idealism and realism, which are heavily related to AGW politics being applied.

  8. I recommend A Chemist in Langley:
    Very good descriptions of the trade-offs needed with today’s technology.

  9. Climate Nürnberg is very funny, reason being its not sarcastic, but uses irony or satire and lets the reader to do the politically incorrect conclusions.

    However, is a very scary thing to satirize. The author really thinks “contrarian” is flawed, and not completely agreeing with the AGW paradigm means flawed science.

  10. Hugh, that link showed a “404”. Can you check it? I love when the climate obsessed rely on circular arguments as so well satirized in Climate Nuremberg and want to read the example you referred to.

  11. Hugh,
    After reading a sampling of that Guardian post with its “expose” of the grand den!alist conspiracy, as well as a sampling of some of the sychophant comments, all I can say is Climate Nuremberg is far too kind.

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