First off, let me apologize for light blogging both here and at 3000 Quads. Lots of personal stuff going on–nothing out and out bad, but all requiring lots of time and attention.

I doubt if I have been much missed, as the climate blogosphere motors relentlessly onwards (or around in circles, depending on your perspective). Interesting posts by Steve McIntyre, Judith Curry, Bishop Hill and others have kept the non-consensus side coming back for more. Konsensus posts at Real Climate, Rabett Run and Stoat are keeping the stormtroopers pacified, if not occupied. But after a few days away from the keyboard I feel a bit like an outsider looking in.

A special edition of Nature published today says that “Global warming could bring about a resurgence in the Earth’s dragon population,” meant to be an April Fool’s Day jest. Sadly it just gets in line with the other hyperbolic claims about mosquitos taking over the world, the Amazon being reduced to matchsticks, the Himalayan glaciers turning into a water slide and global warming being discovered as the root cause of World War II. My own opinion is that global warming is turning GMOs toxic and mutating vaccines so that they cause autism, but that’s idle speculation, don’t you think?

The Guardian has published a story on California’s drought, complete with commentary from Michael Mann and Peter Gleick. The Guardian says California’s current drought is its worst in a millenium, which is not strictly true, but why let that stand in the way of a good story? Mann and Gleick make a good comedy team in their commentary, noting that there are four different definitions of drought before offering their own: “drought, most simply defined, is the mismatch between the amounts of water nature provides and the amounts of water that humans and the environment demand.” Perhaps someone should mention to Mann and Gleick that the population of California has doubled in the past few decades, which has caused the demand for water to rise correspondingly. Guys–California is a desert, for the most part. We have been making the desert bloom artificially for quite some time now, but drought is a frequent visitor to the Golden State. This one ain’t nothin’ special.

The Calgary Herald reports that more Albertans believe in Bigfoot than global warming. As they have ever been photographed together, I submit that in fact they are one and the same.

And finally, “WORCESTER, Mass., April 1, 2015 /PRNewswire/ — Access Fixtures, a leader in commercial and sports lighting, today announced a “Global Warming Sale” on metal halide wall packs. The one day sale features 10% savings on wall packs with the older, inefficient lighting technology. The sale is designed to promote global warming and help melt this season’s extraordinary levels of snow.

“Scientists have warned about global warming for years, and it’s clear many just aren’t listening,” said Access Fixtures CEO, Steven Rothschild. He added, “When the wind’s blowing at gale force, there’s no point in sailing against it.”

Last month Access Fixtures announced a price drop on an energy-efficient 26w LED wall pack, making it less expensive than the 70w metal halide wall pack it is designed to replace.  However, many buyers still demand the metal halide light fixtures, including contractors working on specified jobs, medical marijuana growers, and many individuals who just want to live closer to a beach.

Mention GLOBAL WARMING to your Access Fixtures lighting specialist to apply discount. Due to local restrictions, discount is not valid in Florida.”

Have a wonderful Wednesday. Who needs April Fools when the fools in town are on your side?


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  1. I’m sure you thought it was a joke, but:

    Apparently you had the right idea, just the wrong mechanism. 😛

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