Freeman Dyson

Hi, everybody. I note that this video has been linked to by a number of climate blogs–forgive me if this amounts to yesteday’s news. But it’s important enough that I want it here too.

Freeman Dyson may be the second smartest person on this planet. He could probably even give Hawking a run for his money.

He’s a theoretical physicist, but spent 15 years working in the field of climate science. “Around 1979, Dyson worked with the Institute for Energy Analysis on climate studies. This group, under the direction of Alvin Weinberg, pioneered multidisciplinary climate studies, including a strong biology group. Also during the 1970s, he worked on climate studies conducted by the JASON defense advisory group.[18]

Dyson retired from the Institute for Advanced Study in 1994.[28] In 1998, Dyson joined the board of the Solar Electric Light Fund. As of 2003 he was president of the Space Studies Institute, the space research organization founded by Gerard K. O’Neill; As of 2013 he is on its Board of Trustees.[29] Dyson is a long-time member of the JASON group.”

In this video, he repeats his basic message of the past decade–that climate models are great for understanding the climate, but horrible for forecasting it. That the planet is getting appreciably greener, in part due to our emissions of CO2 and that in all likelihood the benefits of this increased greenery are greater than the costs of climate change, which he says are dramatically overstated.

Dyson has been featured on this subject quite often. I like this one best.


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