Denial 101–I made the list!

I’m getting hits on this weblog from That’s the website where John Cook and his merry band of witch hunters are busy inoculating innocent minds to prevent contamination from skeptics and lukewarmers.

For those of you arriving from that site, welcome! I wouldn’t want it to be said that we dastardly denialisters are inhospitable. I mean, wrecking the planet is one thing, but rudeness? Heaven forfend.

While you’re here, I hope you check out some of the things I’ve written about the fearless leaders of your course.

On John Cook, I have a couple of posts here and here.

On Stefan Lewandowsky, see here and especially here.

Long ago, before climate change brought sea level rise to our collective intention, the phrase ‘beachfront property in Florida’ was used to describe a scam, a con, unethical real estate agents selling plots to gullible retirees.

Perhaps we should revive the phrase to discuss the course you are taking. On the other hand, if you think you are getting good value for money from your MOOC, (and time is money, innit?), perhaps I could interest you in a bridge in Brooklyn, slightly used, only one owner.



8 responses to “Denial 101–I made the list!

  1. Tom,
    After a bit of lurking and reading, it is clear that many have misunderstood the effects of Cook & gang’s course. The effect of the course is to teach the climate obsessed how to continue their denial or reality in a more formalized, structured fashion.

  2. You made the list because I entered you! (Real name: Franz Dullaart)
    I registered for the course in order to see what was being presented. After the first week it is abundantly clear that as -partisan and biased as can be expected from a course which has the D-word in its title.

    There is little point in lifting out some of the misinformation presented. Just read the blogs “And then there’s physics” or “Sceptical Science” (sic) blogs.

    I started a thread objecting to the term “Denier” – this was rapidly shut down by a moderator.

    Don’t ask for explanations, don’t point out contradictions, don’t ask for references to certain statements. You’ll be branded a “denier”.

    In another thread I was villified and insulted – although I never attacked or insulted any one in my comments. Arguments are not rebutted, the arguer is attacked. Appeals to the moderators to enforce their rules of civilised debate proved fruitless.

    I feel as if I’ve been “beaten the crap out of” as infamously threatened by some academic.

    • vuurlip,
      Being attacked by the participants and leaders of that course hardly qualifies for being attacked by academics. There is no one there who meets the definition. You were simply mugged by thugs and bullies dressed up for now as academics instead of as German Nazis like the last time they played dress up.

    • Well, thanks for the mention. I don’t think I am well-loved by those people. In fact they don’t seem either loving or lovable.

      Tell us more!

  3. The “academic” I refer to is reported to have wished to “beat the crap out of” Pat Michaels …

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