From Climate Hero to Denier–McKibben Goes After The President

Not since Theodore Roosevelt has a president shown as much concern for the environment as Barack Obama. Much of that concern has been evidenced in his efforts to combat climate change. From spending early political capital in a vain effort to pass Cap and Trade legislation to giving the Environmental Protection Agency free rein to go after large emitters, Barack Obama has been upfront in championing the fight against climate change. Indeed, in my opinion he has sometimes gone overboard, casual in his use of the term ‘denier’, more confident in assessing the state of the science than scientists, etc.

But now he’s a climate denier, according to Bill McKibben. “This is climate denial of the status quo sort, where people accept the science, and indeed make long speeches about the immorality of passing on a ruined world to our children. They just deny the meaning of the science, which is that we must keep carbon in the ground.”

Never mind that McKibben is one of the looniest of climate alarmers.

What’s important here is what now qualifies someone as a ‘denier,’ suitable for photographing next to skin-head thugs denying the Holocaust.

It is no longer skepticism. It is no longer lukewarmism. You are now a ‘denier’ even if you accept all the science and the urgency of swift action.

You’re a ‘denier’ if you don’t accept the solution of the Alarmist Konsensus. Unless you sign on to their policy prescription–in this case that fossil fuels need to be left in the ground–you are a ‘denier.’

This is insane. So is McKibben. So are all those that insist that leaving fossil fuels in the ground is the only scientific stance to take on climate change.

We live in a world where we don’t know what atmospheric sensitivity is to a doubling of concentrations of CO2. We live in a world where almost every month a new study comes out strengthening the idea that sensitivity is lower than assumed. We live in a world where temperature rises have plateaued at their current high level for almost two decades. We live in a world where the developing countries have stated as plain fact that they intend to increase their use of the fossil fuels McKibben insists we leave in the ground.

So an American president who has spent much of his presidency and no small amount of the meager political capital he had to work with in combatting climate change is now a ‘denier?’

I suggest that McKibben and perhaps the Alarmist Konsensus alongside him have jumped the shark. Or tried to…

jump the shark


6 responses to “From Climate Hero to Denier–McKibben Goes After The President

  1. This is hugely entertaining. It is wonderful to watch the same President who rudely and ignorantly dismissed those who disagree with him on climate be himself rudely and ignorantly attacked for not being enough of a climate extremist.

  2. It’s spring and the big yellow plywood 350s are sprouting.

  3. This analysis is chillingly accurate.

  4. McKibben is funded by Goldmann-Sachs.

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