Global Warming and 30C Temperatures

Today in Taipei it reached 30C by 9:00 a.m. That’s 86F for you incorrigibles out there. It changes how you think of your day. You break the day into activity in the morning, reading (or napping) in the afternoon and more activity in the evening.

When the Wall Street Journal asked the great and the good to name the most influential invention of the last millenium, those in more temperate climes were free to choose things like the internet, birth control, the printing press and other fripperies. Lee Yuan Kew got straight to the point, naming air conditioning. The authoritarian leader of Singapore understood that without air conditioning, those in tropical countries could not be as productive as those with more forgiving climes.


This is relevant to discussions about climate change. The United States currently uses more energy for air conditioning than all other countries combined. The U.S.consumes 185 billion kilowatt hours on air conditioning each year.

By 2050, half the world’s population will live in the tropics.

Currently the climate is one factor in keeping them poor.


However, they are getting richer. In 2010 China installed 50 million air conditioning units. This will help them improve productivity and get richer still.

Currently, the Konsensus has introduced a new line of argument into the climate debate. They have de-emphasized the focus on sensitivity of the atmosphere to a doubling of CO2 concentrations, probably because all the new studies show that sensitivity is far lower than the Konsensus has claimed. Now they are just saying we must leave fossil fuels in the ground. It’s about as content heavy as Nancy Reagan’s ‘Just Say No.’

If we leave fossil fuels in the ground we are leaving the tropics and half the world’s people trapped in a cycle of poverty.

I’m not saying ‘drill, baby, drill.’ If we can provide them with nuclear power, hydropower, wind and solar instead I am all in favor of it. But for those who think it is a viable alternative just to not provide the developing world with power you have nothing but my contempt.

It’s hot outside even without climate change.

5 responses to “Global Warming and 30C Temperatures

  1. 86oF by 9AM is a nice Houston summer morning.
    Thank you for being a voice of sanity from within the alarmist camp.
    The lunacy of cretins like Lewandowsky, Romm and Oreskes deserves to be bright to the light as often as possible.

  2. Tom, you wrote some interesting stuff the past couple of posts. But the comments have been so predictable and one sided, there was no point in commenting. So today, my big birthday, I am going to make some very predictabel and one sided comments and then let it go.

  3. I worked in Huntsville, AL for 3 summers without air conditioning. Big deal.

  4. Marty,
    Speaking of one sided, predictable comments, we are still looking forward to the explanation of how Plate Tectonics violates the laws of Thermodynamics. And of course more exposes on hte nuke power industry conspiracy.

  5. How much of the energy spent on air conditioning is the result of UHI which could be eliminated by planning. I’m talking government.

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