Climate Change: Recognition, Mitigation and Adaptation

I have recently been posting on mitigation and adaptation issues regarding climate change. They have been preparations for a future series of posts that will attempt to create a coherent plan of action for dealing with current and expected climate change.

The first section will be on recognition–until the extent of climate change is quantified and broadly accepted, no future schemes for mitigation or adaptation stand a chance of gaining wide acceptance.

For mitigation and adaptation, I hope to come up with concrete measures that taken together can offer a credible scenario for dealing with recognized climate change. Ideally they will come with timetables and a price tag–but I’m only human, so we’ll see.

Unlike broader brush attempts at doing the same thing, from organizations ranging from The Breakthrough Institute, the Copenhagen Consensus, WG2 and 3 of the IPCC and Nicholas Stern, I don’t have a deadline and am willing to explore options at depth.

I would welcome your help. Happy Sunday to all!


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