Xtreme Weather and Self Inflicted Wounds

Although consensus scientists are properly cautious about global warming’s effect on weather extremes (with the IPCC publishing a report called SREX 2012 specifically stating that weather events cannot be linked to global warming), the Krazy Konsensus Kooks cannot resist tying any weather event at all to human caused climate change. It’s Xtreme Weather and it’s coming to kill you!

The latest example comes to us courtesy of Jo Nova, a skeptical blogger who I think is spot on when it comes to a recent post.

The Australian Broadcasting Corporation has quite clearly adopted a corporate stance favoring climate activism. As they are not scientists, it is inevitable that they will make some mistakes.

Stephen O’Brien: “The Pacific Region, and particularly the Pacific Island countries whose land, as you rightly say, are the ones just above sea-level, are the ones that really do have the greatest challenge when it comes to climate change effects on humanitarian need, with the regularity of cyclones, tropical storms, and tsunamis coming through…”

While I suppose there are some who actually believe human caused global warming can affect the frequency and amplitude of earthquakes and their occasionally attendant tsunamis, I’m inclined to let this one pass as just a slip-up.

But when it’s followed by coverage of the Australian Bureau of Meteorology’s statement regarding the occurrence of cyclones in or near Australia in the month of July, that seems a bit like not doing the job that journalists are supposed to do.

The BOM stated that a July 1 cyclone was the very first cyclone to strike the region in July.


Nova lists 12 such cyclones occurring in July and her commenters add quite a few more.

The BOM statement is inaccurate. The ABC published the memo without checking.

People are frequently making absurd claims about Xtreme Weather. It is damaging the debate we need to have about climate change.

This frantic search for something that will garner a headline is destroying the credibility of climate science.

Who will serve as the Andrew Wakefield of climate science?

2 responses to “Xtreme Weather and Self Inflicted Wounds

  1. The cliamte obsessed reaction to weather is similar to that of the most superstitious peasants who will burn women based on claims about sour milk or bad crops. And it is interesting that in both the climate obsessed and the witch burning peasants we consistently see that the accusations are based on untruths and outright fabrications.

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