Playing Fair In The 75th Annual Climate Games

The UK Guardian has an article today about how the world’s largest public relations firm has lost four top executives and two clients because it deigned to do business with fossil fuel industry companies.

This is hardball, putting pressure  to divest yourself from a profitable client and the rubber is meeting the road. After all, selling a stock will almost certainly make you money–firing a client loses you dough.

Edelmen, the PR firm in question, already turns away business from tobacco companies and gun manufacturers. So why not fossil fuels? Well, aside from the fact that fossil fuel companies have both more money and more customers…

Given that I’m a pretty constant critic of Konsensus Games, it may surprise some readers that I think this is a fair way of putting pressure on organizations on the other side of whatever debate you might be having. If I’m a big client of a PR agency, I would certainly feel free to look at their client list and think about taking my business elsewhere if I don’t see a good fit.

But although I think it’s a fair tactic to use, I doubt if it’s going to be effective. PR agencies are not famous for their sweet souls and gentle practices and should Edelman bid farewell to fossil fuel companies there will be no shortage of flacks lining up to take their place.

shaw quote communications

In the long run it makes climate change a game that can be measured. We can add up wins and losses, points scored, etc. It already is enough like fantasy football that this kind of change might be beneficial.

It’s better than the way the game is played now, with employers getting calls from Konsensus Kooks complaining that they’ve hired an evile denier (and I speak from personal experience about this). Looking at client wins/losses and monetary effects is far less personal. Maybe we can get Caesar Flickerman to announce the results.


4 responses to “Playing Fair In The 75th Annual Climate Games

  1. It’d be good PR for the PR company which poaches the business from their PR competitor. 😉

  2. The only thing fair to the climate extremists is that they get their way.
    Few people understand just how dangerous irrational extremists can be.
    Even fewer seem to realize just how extreme some of the climate obsessed are becoming.
    The lack of control they have over the climate is something they will compensate for by seeking control over people.

  3. If I were an oil company trying to grab market share I would simply place signs outside gas stations: “Clean bathrooms, free cup of coffee, free ice water”. That will get much more convenience store business. You see, it’s sort of an industry secret that convenience store sales generate the profits for most gasoline retail stations.

  4. These kind of tactics make me more convinced than ever that the “Alarmists” are wrong. Even the ex-head of the IPCC admitted that global warming was his religion. The IPCC was established or morphed to make the case for CAGW; it is not, contrary to Our Dear Leader admonition, an unbiased source of scientific facts. The fact that Alarmists are going off the rails make me move toward the position of a Skeptic from that of a Lukewarmer. As a human race we have been here before as documented by Rupert Darwall in his book “The Age of Global Warming”.

    Statistics professor and Left-Wing activist Dr. Caleb Rossiter has an excellent paper on why the Alarmism is bunk.

    Physicist and former Under Secretary for Science in Our Dear Leader’s first term, Dr. Steven Koonin, says Our Dear Leader is delusional. The warming will not be dangerous nor has it been particular rapid.

    Information on all three of the above can accessed on Google search.

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