Global Drought Has Decreased Since 1901

(Hat tip to Climate Depot): “The annual time series of globally averaged % drought indicates a mean value of 66%, a range of about 4%, and no long-term trend (−0.2% per 100 years, non-statistically significant)”

This rather unambiguous statement comes from a recently published paper “Variability and Trends in Global Drought,” published in the journal Earth and Space Science.

“Monthly precipitation (P) and potential evapotranspiration (PET) from the CRUTS3.1 data set are used to compute monthly P minus PET (PMPE) for the land areas of the globe. The percent of the global land area with annual sums of PMPE less than zero are used as an index of global drought (% drought) for 1901 through 2009. Results indicate that for the past century % drought has not changed, even though global PET and temperature (T) have increased. Although annual global PET and T have increased, annual global P also has increased and has mitigated the effects of increased PET on % drought.”

Temperatures have risen and the potential for evaporation has too. But increased precipitation has more than counter-balanced this and so the annual occurrence of drought has decreased globally. As that is in line with what global warming theorists have written–that global precipitation should increase by about 5% due to global warming–this finding should not be too surprising.

But because we live in a climate dominated by propagandists pushing the idea that we are undergoing constant climate catastrophe, the finding will probably not be welcomed.


I wonder if that will show up in the Guardian? They managed to ignore Sheffield and Woods when they reported the same thing in 2012.

Funny how that works.

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