Peruse The Climate Change News

Or as we used to call it, ‘Point Counter-Point.’


Or, as it’s known in the climate debate,


Part 1: I wanna know what snow is… I want you to show me…


Recent snowfalls at ski fields in the New South Wales Snowy Mountains may have been good news for holidaymakers, but studies have shown there might be disappointment ahead for snow lovers in the long term. …Australia must adapt to warmer conditions caused by climate change, that is increasingly turning the alpine landscape from white to green. …Study co-author Professor Catherine Pickering said the current trends did not look promising and good years like the recent snow dump had become less frequent.”


Winter in Boston has officially come to an end: The last of the leftover snow in the city finally melted on Tuesday, July 14. “The pile officially melted today,” Boston mayor Marty Walsh announced, noting that the end of the 70-foot “snow farms” in Boston’s Seaport District were finally gone, leaving a pile of gravel and refuse behind.”


“The UK government* says that climate change poses risks that demand to be treated as seriously as the threat  of nuclear war. **

* Well, a report done by the Centre for Science and Policy, a ‘networking organization’.

** The report was ‘sponsored’ by the UK Foreign & Commonwealth Office among others, including the Institute and Faculty of Actuaries.


“The risk of climate change demands a similarly holistic assessment” (as analysis of nuclear disarmament and proliferation).

Funnily enough, that’s from the same report. In fact, that’s the  only mention of nuclear threat in the same report that produced the first quote…


“California is a global leader in combating climate change, but it hasn’t been enough.”  “The state has emerged as a global leader in fighting climate change, despite producing only about one percent of the world’s greenhouse gas emissions. It has created a dizzying array of programs to cut pollution.”


“California electricity rates to undergo biggest change in 15 years”  “California regulators radically revamped the way electricity rates work in the state, approving changes Friday that will raise monthly utility bills for the most energy-efficient homeowners while giving many bigger energy users a break.”


“Rude and Touchy”

“What caught my eye was what he said with regards to Matt Ridley and Nigel Lawson:

Their influence is less and less I am happy to say. The facts of science, life and measured views of people like Pope Francis are undermining them. They have become just rude instead of arguing and they are so touchy.”


From the same post: “To be fair, I don’t know if I’ve ever seen Matt Ridley being actually rude.”


“Climate Change Seen as Top Global Threat”  “This is particularly true in Latin America and Africa, where majorities in most countries say they are very concerned about this issue.”


“Polls show most Americans believe in climate change, but give it low priority”

Global warming also ranked near the bottom of Americans’ 2014 priorities for President Obama and Congress (28% said it was a top priority). Similarly, when asked last November about long-range foreign policy goals, 37% named global climate change as a top long-range goal; by comparison, 83% cited guarding against terrorist attacks and 81% named protecting American jobs as top goals.”

Happy Sunday, everyone.


2 responses to “Peruse The Climate Change News

  1. I wonder, are the Pope’s communist speeches in his Latin American tour being translated to English? Is this going to impact Bush’s candidacy? I can see an opponent using this as a weapon once the GOP field has thinned out. The Pope is an interesting example of the linkage between the global warming hysteria and extreme left beliefs.

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