40% of the World’s Population Has Never Heard of Climate Change

As someone who has been writing about the subject since 2008 I can only say I envy them.

I was planning to write a long-ish post about the degradation of the environmental movement. I was going to start with Patrick Moore’s recent video on why he left Greenpeace. Instead I’ll just show it here.

I was going to cleverly segue to Bishop Hill’s brief post on the new book ‘Panda Leaks’ found here, about the sins of the WWF.

I would then go on about the trashing of Machu Picchu by environmentalists, the ‘We know where you live‘ episode by Greenpeace, the opposition of environmental organizations to coal power plants in the developing world, etc.

I was planning to end with a statement about how environmentalist organizations were doomed once they started getting large sums of money, much of it from fossil fuel companies.

But I’m tired today. You’ll have to imagine the post I could have written. I wish I was one of the 40% who haven’t heard of all this mess. I’m tired of being called a denier. I’m tired of being lied to and lied about. I’m tired of being censored.

But I’ll leave you with the graphic I was going to use.



3 responses to “40% of the World’s Population Has Never Heard of Climate Change

  1. The corruption of the big NGOs- probably a lot of the small ones as well- is bad not only for the causes they were formed to serve. The devolution of NGOs into parasites that do very little for their causes, cost society productive work, overwhelms the political systems they spend nearly all of their energy influencing, and actually hurts the productive parts of society by shielding non-charitable work from paying taxes.

  2. Typo Nazca lines not Machu Picchu

  3. I’m tired too. The 60% unfortunately only get their information from sources that don’t have science or objectiveness in mind. Trying to change that requires a lot of effort. You will only get nasty comments from the ignorant and individuals with an agenda. It naturally it won’t match yours. Not sure when the alarmists will run out of steam themselves and the MSM will begin to recognize which side they “belong”, or become neutral and just do proper reporting, but eventually I suppose it will happen. The concern should be of the 60% and the 40% really I suppose don’t matter as they have almost no influence. I know ignorance in “global warming” is bliss. Being tired is quite natural I guess and everyone needs to rest sometime before you are energized.

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