Climate Child Abuse

A feature appearing in In These Times is titled “Is Climate Change Causing Pre-Traumatic Stress Disorder in Millenials?‘ The answer is apparently yes, although we have to wade through stories about Paul Ehrlich drinking to cope beforehand.

The story references a survey done in 2007 (8 years ago? There’s a sign of a pressing problem.) done by BrainPop.

Now, the story in In These Times says that over 60% of the children surveyed are worried more about climate change than terrorism, car crashes or cancer. (Only one of these pose a significant risk to middle school children. It isn’t climate change, terrorism or cancer.)

But the survey doesn’t say that. The survey says these children fear a grouping of global warming and other environmental disasters, including hurricanes, tornadoes and flooding, more than those other remote risks.

This is actually a typical trick of the Klimate Konsensus. If you’re worried about biodiversity, they will say that global warming is a contributor, along with real threats like over-hunting/fishing, pollution, introduction of alien species and habitat loss. They just won’t mention that the contribution  of climate change to this threat is about 1% of the total, while the other problems constitute 99%.

Has fear of climate change increased since 2007? Those middle schoolers are now young adults.

This Pew Survey doesn’t think so–global warming ranked last on a list of priorities for Americans. In fact, dealing with climate change almost always ranks last as a priority. (This is a mistaken feeling in my opinion, but it’s still the truth.) “In a June 2015 Pew poll, 51 percent of Americans aged 18 to 29 rated climate change a “very serious” problem.” But they still don’t advocate doing much to combat it.

It isn’t for lack of trying. From the No Pressure Video to John Cook’s MOOC on how to deal with climate deniers, Konsensus Katastrophists have been trying to terrify children about global warming. There was ‘Earth 2100‘, produced by ABC television and marketed to kids, showing how the heroine (Lucy–no show is complete without a reference to the Leakey family) moving through life as life becomes unbearable. Due to global warming.

A recent story in Think Progress is titled ‘How to Talk to a 5-Year-Old About Climate Change.’ Even though the story links to the American Psychological Association and EcoAmerica saying ” children “tend to be especially vulnerable to the psychological impacts of climate change, especially those related to stress and anxiety”, Think Progress highlights a parent who says “I talk to him like I’m talking to you.”

I suppose that’s better than pushing a red button to blow him up as the Katastrophist video No Pressure did.

exploding children

I consider this pretty close to child abuse. Berating children from the time they are four until they have the legal power to escape the madness is more than a decade of pushing a dystopian future that is at the farthest range of possibilities, according to the IPCC. And these educators, entertainers and too many parents are painting this Mad Max world as inevitable. It’s only just barely possible. It is far more likely that we will continue to develop and our lives will continue to improve. We will have to spend money dealing with climate change (we’ll spend less money if we spend it now…), but it is almost certain that climate change will not be a civilization buster. It’s just another problem we have to deal with.

We just had a very strong typhoon here in Taiwan. It finished Sunday. It was dramatic. It wasn’t traumatic. The city is 99% back to normal. People went to work yesterday. People adapt. They overcome obstacles. They deal with extreme weather.

If Millenials have become numb due to the mindless repetition of Katastrophists, more power to them. I hope they find a way to temper the messages their own children receive.


6 responses to “Climate Child Abuse

  1. One of the many, many things the climate obsessed have taken from us: Science, money, policy, the public square, our children.

  2. If my generation could deal with the bomb on a cold war fuse, my kids can deal with 3mm annual sea level rise. It would be nice if we didn’t have to deal with these things but it beats having Cecil the Lion as a next door neighbor.

  3. The 2015 United Nations My World Global survey of the top 16 causes for concern currently covering 7,752,864 respondents placed climate change flat last, 16th of 16 causes for concern.

    So if this “survey” says otherwise, it strikes me that somebody somewhere is making stuff up.

    Oh, and by the way, WTF is pre-traumatic stress disorder FFS?

  4. I guess Think Progress is designed to attract child abusers.

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