7,764,300 People Vote Climate Change Off The Island

My World is a United Nations global survey for citizens. Working with partners, we aim to capture people’s voices, priorities and views, so world leaders can be informed as they begin the process of defining the next set of global goals to end poverty.”

As of  August 16 they had received 7,764,300 responses to a survey measuring priorities–what was important to people and what they hoped their government, NGOs and multinational institutions would help achieve.

The top three were ‘better education’, ‘better healthcare’ and ‘better job opportunities.’

Last on the list was ‘action taken on climate change’. (Click on image to embiggen)

Peoples voice

People care about the environment–ranking far higher than action on climate change were ‘access to clean water and sanitation’ and ‘protecting forests, rivers and oceans.’ But diverting resources away from other urgent needs to deal with climate change? Last.

You can say they are deniers, joining President Barack Obama in a category invented by Konsensus Kooks and intended to stifle conversation, not to mention debate.

You can say that they don’t know what they are talking about, although it would be hard to argue with the items they placed above climate change.

Or you could say that a problem that may threaten their grandchildren will not be salient to much of the world if parents don’t have children who survive to adulthood, or cannot find a job or have their ancestral forest bulldozed for palm trees used for biofuels.

Or you could say that an over-educated and over-worried elite with too much time on their hands and not enough in the way of real world problems to deal with are charging towards Climate Jerusalem to hammer away at what is most likely a modest problem with every weapon they have available, weapons that are more sorely needed to attack malnutrition, poverty and lack of access to clean water.

But as these ‘leaders’ race away into the Parisian sunset, one wonders if they will ever look behind them and notice that nobody is following.


13 responses to “7,764,300 People Vote Climate Change Off The Island

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  2. Tom, the other interesting thing about this UN survey (which I believe I was the first to inadvertently discover circa June 2013) is that it reveals yet another UN promise not kept!

    In the March 2013 – considerably less than loud – PR announcement of this survey, one finds an ambitious declaration which includes:

    “There’s been something really important missing in the way we at the United Nations and at the global level have been deliberating and deciding on issues over the last decade, and that something has been you — people all over the world,” he told correspondents, adding that the era of making decisions about global issues behind closed doors with little citizen involvement was coming to an end. [my bold -hro]

    FWIW, I continued to track the results from time to time [see here and here] and “Action on climate change” retained its bottom of the priority barrel position.

    In light of the above, imagine my (very mild) surprise to discover that not only did the initial “promise” to survey participants that their input would be incorporated into the new, improved Sustainable Development goals get dropped along the way.

    But also, this “drop” occurred notwithstanding someone’s best efforts to enhance the positioning of “Action taken on climate change” – so that it somehow miraculously rose from rock-solid bottom to a somewhat more respectable 10th, with three (associated?!) “Proposed Sustainable Development Goals”.

    Considering that these ‘Proposed Goals’ were:

    – Provide sustainable industrialization
    – Promote sustainable consumption and production patterns
    – Promote actions at all levels to address climate change

    it is little wonder that the resulting final document – at least as far as I was able to ascertain – made absolutely no mention of this survey.

    So much for this “era of making decisions about global issues behind closed doors with little citizen involvement … coming to an end”, eh?!

  3. Good post, commonsensical. One wonders what the results would have shown had it included respondents without access to electricity, computers, and Internet.

  4. Having access to phone and internet more important than CC. You have to laugh at that one.

    • Messed up. Thought the survey was Internet based.

    • The fact that you find that laughable says a lot about you.
      The world relies on telephonic communication and has done for almost a century. The near-ubiquity of the internet means that lack of that facility increasingly impacts on the ability of people (almost always the poor) to interact.
      Climate change is an irrelevancy. A theoretically possible increase of 1-2°C some time in the medium term, the effect of which is as likely to be beneficial as not, simply doesn’t compare.
      Do your homework instead ot parrotting the Eco-activist Playbook.

      • Newminster – I’m no eco activist although last decade I was. I Strangely I have been accused of being a warmist which I believe may be due to my moniker (craigm350ppm in full) which is actually an ironic poke at McKibben’s lunacy about the 350ppm point of no return. I am skeptical of Catastrophic CC (cold is the real killer) and the policies being ensued which are deeply harmful of the poor. My point only was that if CC is the harbinger of such doom then the internet is an irrelevance. What do we want the internet or mass death? As it is the mass death is a chicken little situation and the environmentalists are so want to cry out that real environmental issues (some of which are deemed of concern to far more people as shown above) are being waylaid. 🙂

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  6. Who are the greens? The UN surveyed 7 million people on their priorities and Climate Change came dead last. But who were its main supporters? Playing with the calculator at this URL, it’s: Northern European Males, 31-45, with only Primary School education. I think because they’re least able to check maths.

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