Perfect Sunday

I haven’t had a day off for three weeks, so it’s really refreshing to just have a Sunday morning with nothing to do.

It’s even better when I can start the day off with a new post from Steve McIntyre, Judith Curry’s Week In Review and some true nonsense from the Konsensus Krazies to keep the blood flowing. Evil Eli Rabett is busy equating Richard Tol with American Tea Partiers, (Someone should tell him that sometimes when you compare, you actually contrast…), 20 Konsensus Kooks including Kevin Trenberth have demanded that President Obama hang, lynch, excommunicate persecute prosecute skeptics under the RICO act, etc. Because four legs good, two legs bad, etc.  ATTP is ‘struggling to understand’ (his favorite phrase) The Heterodox Academy, while the rest of us note he is actually ‘struggling to make sense.’ He can’t understand why conservative students would be reluctant to make a career out of social sciences, never even testing the hypothesis that liberal social science professors might make it a bit difficult for conservative students…

And over at Only In It For The Gold, Michael Tobis recovers from a series of reasonable posts in time to post the usual nonsense justifying the comparison of climate skeptics with Nazis. (I’m not kidding.) The article he is lamely trying to defend is here.

All this and the 49ers play football today! Perfect Sunday, perfect day off.

Please alert relevant media: I have finally updated my blogroll. Additions include Fernando Leanme, Climate Nuremberg, Tamsin Edwards’ new home, Ben Pile’s Climate Resistance, A Chemist in Langley, And Then There’s Physics, CraigM350, Fabius Maximus, Jose Duarte, Making Science Public, the newly revived Only In It For The Gold, The IPCC Report, The View From Here and Utopia–You Are Standing In It. I have removed some blogs that are no longer active–but I left some inactive blogs that I think have valuable archives.

I also included links to the Amazon pages of both my recently published book (The Lukewarmer’s Way–Climate Change For The Rest Of Us) and my previous book (co-authored with Steve Mosher) Climategate: The CRUTape Letters).

In addition, I have put in a link to my wife’s photography website CeePixPic and would appreciate it if you visited there at least once. One of her pictures is at the top of this weblog. Here’s another one:

la rose à l'éventail froissé

13 responses to “Perfect Sunday

  1. a new post from Steve McIntyre

    ATTP should have the wisdom to not attack as big dog as Steve. It is like a pekingese yipping hysterically at a mastiff. Why does he do it? Does he believe that only his followers can hear him bark?

  2. That even a back bench academic like ATTP is too dense to realize the need for diverse opinions in the Academy speaks sadly about the state of the Academy. That Tobis is demonstrating Godwin’s law and his historical illiteracy all in one post is almost humorous. The ignorance of the Rabbet on so many levels is always entertaining.
    Congrats on the Sunday. Good luck with the 49ers.
    Your wife’s work is lovely and excellent. “Translucent” is a wonderful demonstration of how light can be captured by camera. “Repose” is for me an interesting iteration of the classic still life. Beautiful work, all.
    Enjoy your day! By the way, the lovely Mrs. hunter is going to be landing in Taipei about 1030 pm your time. She is on a tour of mainland and Taiwan with a friend of hers. She speaks no Chinese but is taking an all Chinese language tour, hoping that with her friend and others in the tour who can speak English she will be able to keep up.

  3. By the way, Amazon is having a problem actually selling your book. I have been trying to buy a copy to load into my new Kindle app with no luck. Amazon just advised me to call a service number about it.

  4. In fairness, MT didn’t necessarily endorse Snyder’s theories but just said they were provocative. That’s fair. I posted something at MT’s pointing out that Snyder’s theory may be just totally wrong. Nazism fits very well with the intellectual discontents of Europe starting in the late 19th century. It is really about devaluing Reason in favor of feeling and sentiment. And racism and social Darwinism gave a pseudo scientific justification for all this of course. Even Conolley reached the same conclusion without mentioning any alternative explanation.

  5. It is hard to imagine that ATTP would be open minded about political beliefs in the academy. That’s no surprise.

  6. Sigh – Snyder did not compare people like Tom to Nazis.

    I can’t help it if people read things into what Snyder wrote that he didn’t write.

    The only thing that comes close is his concluding sentence: “Denying science imperils the future by summoning the ghosts of the past.”

    So if you think what you are doing is denying science (e.g., you are enthusiastic about Inhofe’s snowball demonstration) then the worst that applies to you in Snyder’s piece is that you are inviting Nazi-like movements, not that you are in one.

    Regardless of what you think of Snyder’s thesis, you cannot blame him for comparing deniers, never mind honest skeptics, to Nazis. In fact he did not do that. Please read it carefully.

    • mt,
      History teaches that it is you extremists and reality denying bigots who will be judged harshly.
      That more and more of your bottom of the rock scumbags choose to trigger Godwin’s Law is actually no surprise. After all, you have it all: historical illiteracy, a lack of intellectual honesty, a confusion of your politics with science, and so many other failings- why not add gratuitous triggering of Godwin’s Law?
      You simpleton bloviating jerk.

    • I’m not at all worried about Godwin’s Law. But, like Gore’s previous comparison of the climate opposition to the period surrounding the Krystallnacht, the idea that opposition to a set of policy measures is in any way similar to the period that created the Third Reich is so over the top, so misguided and so counterproductive, that the fact that it is also a gratuitous insult to all tarred by it is almost irrelevant.

      By quoting Snyder you lend support to it. Here is the truth, MT. You and your team advocate an approach to human contributions to climate change based on outlier estimates of sensitivity. In doing so your team has made up a ton of s**t about impacts about drought, storms, heatwaves and floods that is false to fact.

      None of which is true. Hence the slight irritation you encounter and engender when you venture beyond the confines of your ring-fenced sliver of the blogosphere.

      In addition you have sought to paint your opponents as racists, Nazis, ignorant, evil and part of a conspiracy funded by fossil fuel companies. You personally have actively participated in this campaign to deligitimize those who oppose your policies.

  7. And it is not just any policies that MT and and gang push. They are stupid, ill conceived, unworkable policies whose failure to do anything to the :”climate crisis” other than make most people poorer to the benefit of a few is manifest to anyone who cares to look objectively.

  8. So AGW sceptics are now Nazi sympathisers now, according to the increasingly discredited science-denying AGW Alarmists, are they?

    Ironic really, when you remember that one of the most virulent of them, leader of the (un)Realscience crusher crew – Johyn Cook the failed cartoonist – likes doing in his spare time.

    • The lack of self-reflection and self awareness demonstrated by the extremist and kooks of the CO2 obsession is endlessly entertaining.

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