Typhoon posting

Well, the wind is howling here and we’ve got water on the floor again. So today’s post will be short and sweet. Typhoon Dujuan snuck up on us and I’m not as prepared as I was for Typhoon Soudelor. I didn’t stock up on ice cream!

I may have to post a correction to my criticism of Anderegg, Prall et al. It won’t make their work look any better, but I thought they used one open letter to get their victims from. It may turn out that they used another one.

Go look at this. It’s a really clear look at media coverage of climate change, mashing together data from Google and mapping software from CartoDB. They are raising the bar on how to present data to explain important things.

It seems like the past never dies–it never even really is the past. Steve McIntyre is discussing Cuccinelli again, an event I played a small role in. Cuccinelli famously tried to go after Michael Mann for fraudulent use of taxpayer’s money, something I oppose on principle. Cuccinelli should have just waited for Mark Steyn…

Back after the storm blows over. Buy my book, look at my wife’s pictures and those of you in the area, stay safe!

Typhoon Dujuan


3 responses to “Typhoon posting

  1. Thanks, Hans. So far it’s just lots of wind and lots of rain.

  2. Good luck with that. tropical cyclones can sneak up occasionally. Pretty amazing for a storm system that uses more energy than the entire human energy budget for the year, is dozens of miles across and takes days to travel. But it happens.

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