How Many Shuklas Are Profiting From Climate Change?

Although some of the signatories to a letter calling for RICO prosecution of climate skeptics are famous, others are not. I had never heard of Jagadish Shukla before he authored the letter that others signed.

Thanks to Roger Pielke Jr. and Steve McIntyre I now know more about Mr. Shukla. He was a professor at the University of Maryland before moving on to George Mason University. He opened an institute to study climate change.

Mr. Shukla is well-paid, both by his universities and his own organization His wife is well-paid as well. They have been paid millions of dollars, mostly in the form of government grants to study climate change. Most of the millions were consumed by the salaries paid to Mr. and Mrs. Shukla.

Mr. Shukla is co-author of about 150 papers, an impressive list found here. However, only 6 of those papers have been published in the past 5 years. Neither Mr. Shukla nor his institute is mentioned frequently in the climate blogosphere, which doesn’t really mean much, but as you might have guessed, I do wonder what the output is from the work financed so liberally by the U.S. government and Mr. Shukla’s employers.

Steve McIntyre will certainly apprise us all of any conflict of interest issues associated with Mr. Shukla getting paid to serve two masters. I am more concerned by what we are getting for our money. Over the next few days I hope to read some of his publications. I don’t want to judge him prematurely. However, he’s getting a lot of money for what he’s doing.

Which of course leads to the question referenced in the title of this post. How many extremely well-paid climate researchers are collecting really large salaries–George Mason University paid him $314,000 in 2014, while his organization paid him and his wife over $800,000 in 2014–are out there?

We are spending a lot of money researching climate change. I support the research. However, I hope we are spending the money wisely. Maybe all those kids chasing the MBAs and law degrees should start looking at other professions…

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7 responses to “How Many Shuklas Are Profiting From Climate Change?

  1. Perhaps now is the time to put the individuals who approved the government grants, under the microscope.

    What checks did they make, to ensure the taxpayers’ funds they were distributing were being used wisely?

  2. I would venture that given what seems like fairly open access to government data in the US, it might be fairly easy to come up with a list of grants that have some similarity to the one interesting example that has been noticed so far. Its a big field, but that also means there is plenty of scope for peer-oversight so there shouldn’t be too many real problems…

  3. Tom, the intersection of NGO’s and Climate hype money has been a been a popular destination of tax payer money for years. The benefit to the public or the advancement of science from this has been at best small.
    Many of us on the skeptical side have pointed this out for years.
    Shukla and his family run scheme are but a small example of this modern pig trough approach to profiting from a social mania.
    If a thorough critical review was made the amount of money spent on this sort of conflicted, wasted, and corrupted spending would be in the many billions world wide.
    Think of the funding of Lewandowsky or Cook by way of example.
    And perhaps it is time to revisit the knee jerk rejection of the Virginia attempt to look at Mann’s work.

  4. As for the supporting research.
    Why? In both of your books one thing that is clear is the “climate science” and “shoddy” are strongly correlated.
    What significant advance in climate science has taken place in the last ten years, despite the many tens of billions spent on it?
    No more accuracy in data or predictions. No worthy data based consensus on sensitivity. No better picture of the impact of increased CO2.
    Little else except more massaged data records and increased shrieking about climate from faux organizations like Shukla’s.
    There is a dark way to interpret the climate konsensus regarding “the science is settled”, after all.

  5. Simplifying, Penn State was not interested in investigating Michael Mann because he raised a lot of money.

    “This level of success in proposing research, and obtaining funding to conduct it, clearly places Dr. Mann among the most respected scientists in his field.”

    George Mason University probably has the same warm regard for the Shukla family.

  6. There needs to be an IG audit of the National Science Foundation’s climate science funding. Then the IG needs to report to congress. By this time the USA will have a new president but at least if its a Republican there will a head start in exposing a clearly suspect area of waste fraud and abuse. If America elects a Dem president this will be covered up and continue at the standard government growth rate or fatter.

  7. Is it any wonder that we have all this climate alarmism. Governments of the Left around the world created the demand, which was duly filled by academia and other research institutes. President Eisenhower warned about this problem in his Farewell Address. The demand was quite specific. Governments of the Left were only interested in anthropogenic causes for warming. They had no interest in natural causes of warming. In fact, when some members of the American Physical Society (“APS”) in 2009 wrote an open letter to the Council of the of the APS suggesting that natural causes of warming be included in the research as part of the APS’s position in this matter, it was rejected. That letter with the signatories can be found here along with the statement actually adopted by the APS, which does not have any reference to natural causes:

    I think the alarmism has been manufactured to meet the market demand of Leftist governments.

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