Solar Powered Popcorn, or What’s a Meta For?

I moved to California when I was 8 years old. I’ve lived there on and off ever since. This doesn’t surprise me. It does sadden me…

From The Daily Trojan, “In an effort to motivate students to take action against climate change, Know Tomorrow, a student-led movement spanning 60 college campuses nationwide, held an activity fair and a series of speakers featuring Robert F. Kennedy Jr. in McCarthy Quad on Friday.

…”Students spent the day learning about the environment from different groups on campus, and participated in activities intended to teach participants about sustainability in an engaging manner.

Among these activities were a “Change the Course Challenge,” which showed students the importance of facilitating the Earth’s recovery; a solar-powered popcorn machine sponsored by the California Public Interest Research Group and Environmental Core; Elementerra, a virtual reality video game; and a SolarCity Exhibit featuring solar power ovens, microwaves and air conditioning units.”

“I really appreciated the number of viewpoints we had and the way [the speakers] interacted,” said Environmental Core member Zach Manta. “One of my favorite parts was watching the interactions.”

Manta was among a group of students initially contacted last spring by Dornsife School of Letters, Arts and Sciences and Vice Dean Steven Lamy about the Know Tomorrow movement. The national event was launched by Wendy Abrams, founder of Cool Globes, who donated money to USC to help fund a climate science campaign.

“We originally tried to make this an event that was just a simple shout through many voices, saying ‘Hey, let’s do something about [the state of the environment],’” Manta said. “But it turned into a critical discussion [involving] a lot of people who are already really concerned about the problem.”

The university as an institution has long been a venue for young adults to drink too much, lose their virginity, rail against the powers that be (you should see what was written about Harvard students 200-odd years ago if you doubt me), and just generally piss off their elders. Why it should be any different regarding climate change than other subjects such as GMOs or vaccines is not clear to me.

But the level of ignorance and the vacuity of the statements in this article… just make me sad.

A solar powered popcorn maker. It’s not that I’m becoming a grumpy old man. They’re forcing me to adopt the pose.

solar popcorn

2 responses to “Solar Powered Popcorn, or What’s a Meta For?

  1. Hey, I was there, set up a booth selling Sun posters (blow ups of NASA Chandra X Ray supernova photo

    a home made mix I labeled “Waziria Sun Tea” and pirated CD copies of the Bee Gees singing “Here comes the Sun” with a disco beat. I sold out of posters and CDs, made a net $256 in four hours.

  2. …”the number of viewpoints”… said Twiddle Dee complimenting Twiddle Dumb’s fine copying and repetition skills.

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