Climate Change Needs A Narrative. No, A Story. No, A Blockbuster Movie. No, A Video Game

The dilemma facing climate activists isn’t that people don’t know about climate change. Poll after poll shows they do. The problem is they don’t care. Okay, that’s an exaggeration. Climate change isn’t as important a problem to people (well, aside from activists) as getting and keeping a job, taking care of the kids, etc.

Climate activists at first thought they were facing an ‘information deficit’, a lack of knowledge that their brilliant messaging could surely overcome. Twenty years later it is clear that either the information deficit isn’t the major problem or their efforts to eliminate it were not quite up to snuff.

What in another era would have been called propaganda was the next step. Starting with An Inconvenient Truth, political messages based at least partially on science started appearing on both large and small screens. Didn’t work. Even action movies like The Day After Tomorrow didn’t cut the mustard.

Authors have flooded the bookshelves, if not the best-seller lists, with a new genre of fiction called Cli-Fi, science fiction stores organized around the theme of apocalyptic climate change. It is unreadable and has gone unread by billions.

So why not a video game? Get ready for the next edition of Call of Duty, set in 2065 and full of climate issues that complicate the mission. According to Motherboard, “players face environmental extremes wherever they go—dust storms in Egypt, floods and hurricane winds in Singapore, and so on.”

Hmmm. We’ll see if this moves the dial.

My personal opinion, shaped by my age and the technology available to me when I was in my protesting days, is that they’re really missing a bet. Where’s the climate change song? The Climes, They Are A’Changin’.


One response to “Climate Change Needs A Narrative. No, A Story. No, A Blockbuster Movie. No, A Video Game

  1. Great essay demonstrating that “climate change” is in fact man made. Only it is anthropomorphic, not ant anthropogenic: It is created in human minds, and projected into our public space. Like a Star Wars movie or a soap opera. Or a scary end of the world religion.

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