30,000 Police and a budget of € 187 Million For COP 21

Climate change had better be serious. If France is going to put 30,000 police on security patrol for the conference and spend €187 million on the exercise, it had better be serious.

Otherwise someone might ask if all this couldn’t be done via telephone. 40,000 people converging on one place to try and negotiate a definitive climate agreement seems a bit like overkill, given the difficulty any group of more than three people have on deciding where to have dinner.

Otherwise, some might get the impression that this is a ‘shock and awe’ demonstration of the overwhelming importance of the issue without going to the trouble of actually proving it.

Look, I get it. Climate change is real and my Lukewarm view (brilliantly expressed in my recently published book, which you should buy) is that we have probably caused about half of it. And a good portion of our contributions to climate change are in the form of CO2 emissions. I want to lower our emissions, stop deforestation, use renewable energy and maintain the PH balance of the oceans. And my shampoo.

But this seems more like a ceremonial parade down the Champs d’Elysee than a political negotiation. It seems more like theater than serious horsetrading.

And I don’t think anyone will enjoy the show.

parade champs elysee


One response to “30,000 Police and a budget of € 187 Million For COP 21

  1. They should move the meeting to Ibiza. The charter flights to move 35000 people (including the guy the wildlife fund dressed like a Panda Bear on amphetamines) cost €7 million. The hotels are cheaper and security is perfect.

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