Forward Blogging Schedule and This’n’That

Hi everybody. Let me start by asking you to buy my book ‘The Lukewarmer’s Way–Climate Change For The Rest Of Us.’ I appreciate your patronage…

I’d like to share my blogging plans for this venue for 2016, or at least the first quarter of it. I’d welcome suggestions–recently Almost Iowa requested a series on renewable energy and I’ll try and work that in. I covered the renewable sector for a research company for several years, so I should be able to dust off some older material, update it and even look at some trends.

C.S. Lewis plans

My most ambitious plan is to start work on the RAMA Initiative, something I first wrote about earlier this year, with RAMA standing for Recognition, Attribution, Mitigation and Adaptation. I’m hoping to write another book centered on those topics. I may conduct two online surveys, one ‘invitation only’ for scientists and one for the broader public.

However, the first part of the year will be dominated by the release of the U.S. Department of Energy’s Energy Information Administration’s often delayed International Energy Outlook. Previous editions have been the core of my research into energy consumption and this report can help show if my projections of high global energy consumption are starting off well. Or not. I’d be the happiest man on the planet to find out I got it wrong.

I will also award the much-coveted Climate Blogger of the Year and the equally prestigious Climate Commenter of the Year during the first quarter. Nominations are welcome from either side of the fence. I may introduce a third award for new blogger of the year.

The other planned series will be an updated State of the Climate 2015, something I started last year and which has proven very popular.

This will all be sandwiched around my usual posts highlighting the absurdities of the climate conversation, my own included. And obviously this can all be impacted by the press of business etc.

Comments, suggestions, volunteers (that RAMA thing will take a lot of work)?


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