Redefining ‘Unprecedented’ in Climate Terms

Beg your pardon? The website for the organization Centre For Research On Globalization may need to actually think about the definition of the term ‘unprecedented.’ 

They write, “n June 2008 the Community Climate Change Consortium for Ireland (C4I) produced a 118 page report entitled Ireland in a Warmer World: Scientific Predictions of the Irish Climate in the Twenty-First Century (supported and co-funded by Environmental Protection Agency, Sustainable Energy Ireland and the Higher Education Authority) which forecast “an increase in the frequency of very intense cyclones, and also increases in the extreme values of wind and precipitation associated with them. This implies an increased risk of storm damage and flooding in vulnerable Irish coastal areas.” The report also suggested that the “[d]emand for heating energy is likely to reduce significantly as the climate warms.”

Now in 2016, we are already seeing these predictions come true. There have been six storms already since the beginning of winter and a weather station in Donegal recorded its wettest day for any month since 1885 and its highest December temperature in 60 years. There has been unprecedented flooding in many parts of rural Ireland combined with severe winds. 70 millimetres of rain and gusts of up to 120km/h have been recorded along the Atlantic coast and around the country ferry sailings have been cancelled, roads closed and rail services disrupted.” That 70 mm is for 24 hours. The record in County Antrim for one hour’s precipitation is 97mm, set in 1980. The highest wind speed ever recorded in Ireland was 98 kn (181 km/h; 113 mph) at Malin Head, County Donegal on 12 January 1974.

How can Kevin Trenberth’s assumption that global warming is baked into all weather be taken any further? It’s not enough that science has shown that there has been no increase in storms, floods, droughts or heatwave. Now science must prove that global warming was not involved.

It rained more at that weather station in Donegal 130 years ago than it did this year. And that is now proof that the weather is unprecedented. It was warmer 60 years ago than today. So that is proof that global warming has produced unprecedented weather.

This is shaman dancing, entrail reading, sky is falling madness.

Science has left the building.



3 responses to “Redefining ‘Unprecedented’ in Climate Terms

  1. Ireland also, in 2015, had one of the coolest summers on record. I like your shaman dancing metaphor. It is appropriate as a way to point out the level of what passes for critical thinking in the minds of the cliamte true believers.

  2. The Shaman approach worded then because people didn’t know how nature worked. It works now because we don’t know how the climate system works.

    The current climate shaman cannot be proven wrong (yet) so he gets centre stage due to massive funding and support (from those who like what he is saying).

  3. Speaking of cliamte myth making….

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