Instead of a Tip Jar…

For those of you who would like to support my efforts in expounding the Lukewarmer view of the climate conversation, I would like to offer two methods for doing so.

I don’t like tip jars. So:

  • You can support my efforts by buying either of my two books. The most recent is ‘The Lukewarmer’s Way–Climate Change For The Rest Of Us‘, published by Stairway Press last September. You can also still get a copy of ‘Climategate: The CRUTape Letters‘, which I co-authored with Steve Mosher back in 2010.
  • For those of you who have had enough of reading about climate change, some of my wife’s photographs are now exhibited and offered for sale here at Your Art Gallery. For those of you tempted to joke that she’s the real artist in the family, you will get no argument from me.

Thanks for your support!

I’ll leave you with another of my wife’s pictures of the Bund in Shanghai. We’ll be back with our regularly scheduled programming soon.



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