Climate Blogger of the Year, 2015

I don’t have Amy Schumer or Tina Fey to present the most coveted award in the climate blogosphere. I apologize for that. I tried to channel Amy Winehouse and get Tina Turner, but that didn’t work so well.

Former award winners Steve McIntyre, Gavin Schmidt and Judith Curry will now have to make room on the stage for Brad Keyes, proprietor of Climate Nuremberg and contributor to Cliscep. He beat out other nominees Fabius Maximus and Jose Duarte and perennial bridesmaids Bishop Hill and Only In It For The Gold.

Keyes is one of the new wave of climate contributors, and is without doubt the funniest blogger in the climate world. You can pick almost any sentence at random from his website as evidence:

“Students started out well when asked if they would rather live in the United Kingdom or the Kingdom of Bhutan, with 91% of candidates correctly choosing the English-speaking pro-American proto-America, far and away the less sub-American of the two non-American monarchies.”

Psychologist Dan Kahan works closely with climatologists and was on first-name basis with some of the Scared Scientists. The Yale Professor says they’ve been at risk of abduction for years, and recent tragic events were virtually waiting to happen.

“The [climate] community has always been an open invitation to a certain kind of sicko, who gets off on playing Jedi mind games with unarmed opponents. They’re amazed to learn that they don’t have to get in the car with anyone they don’t know, no matter how much candy he offers them.”

Perhaps one of the strongest arguments in favor of Keyes as this year’s winner is the complete lack of charts, tables or graphs, with Mr. Keyes making the bold editorial decision to replace those irrelevant fripperies with GIFs of one of his favorite targets, Stefan Lewandowski.

I offer my congratulations to Mr. Keyes on his well-deserved award and my apologies for our removal of the substantial cash prize that would normally accompany it. We will let him choose between CDs from the late Ms. Winehouse and the immortal Ms. Turner as found on YouTube.

Next up: Climate Commenter of the Year!

13 responses to “Climate Blogger of the Year, 2015

  1. Thank you, Tom!

    Considering the source, this goes on my Praise From Caesar shelf!

  2. Some of my favorite Brad bits:

    6. Denialists aren’t very good at uncritical reasoning.

    7. Denialists generally show a gift for easy hypocrisy. Despite their so-called “science denial,” they are exasperatingly sporadic in their rejection of science. In fact, just about the *only* science they can all be counted on to disbelieve is the existential threat of AGW. Having snubbed the science on climate change, the average denialist will then admit to *accepting* the science on most, virtually all, other questions! I’ve long ago given up trying to hold them to a minimum standard of intellectual consistency—even on evolution or vaccines, it’s rare to find a climate denier principled enough, when challenged, to follow through on rejectionism. I’m sorry to say this, but from frustrating experience I have to conclude that “science denial” is almost totally false advertising.

    8. Denialists have an absolute, arrogant sense of entitlement to know stuff—even information that would mislead them, even maths they wouldn’t know what to do with if they tried, even data that could easily be misunderstood in such a way as to give false comfort to delayers.

    From this WUWT thread:

  3. Lest anyone think that “funniest blogger in the climate world” is like “world’s most famous beekeeper” or even (god forbid) “world’s tallest dwarf,” be sure to check out the work of my rivals and good friends Ian Woolley and Geoff Chambers.

    And on the Believalist “side” of things, I’m delighted to see that the mystery author of Denial Depot is no longer dormant.

  4. Canman, thanks for reminding me of the existence of that thread, which I’d failed to bookmark. I wish I’d saved the comments that got deleted for my use of hate speech such as “denialist”!

  5. It’s Not CO2,

    for all I know, you may be right. I may be crazy. But it just might be a lunatic you’re looking for.

    But it might be helpful to know who the you is to whom you address your remarks. I know, I know: ask not to whom the remarks are addressed. But still.

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  7. Tom, have you gone mad, or have you always been this way, more or less? (Paul Homewood, with graphs, is far preferable.)

    To quote the aforementioned and aforehonored Brad Keyes,
    “Many are certifiable but few are certified. It takes hard word and meticulous adherence. Getting certified means being committed.”

  8. Brad, congratulations. You deserve it. The prize money Tom’ s award comes with will help you in the coming year. Tom, great choice. Lampooning the climatocracy is something the world has far too little of . And Brad is clearly the best at it.

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