My Guest Post on Cliscep

As I’m busy with a report, instead of my usual fare I can direct you to the new blog Cliscep, which has chosen to publish a guest post of mine.

Love to see your comments over there! Or here, if you like…

You have been…


3 responses to “My Guest Post on Cliscep

  1. Nice post, Tom.
    It seems that the sleeping hog in the climate discussion room is that of the logical conclusion regarding a movement that has made little more than incorrect predictions, when not having to explain away bias and fraud.

  2. I note that the best that Geoff Price can do is show the old model vs Temp baseline trick. By using a modern baseline to produce your anomalies you necessarily bring into line modern temp and model anomalies, however, the downside of this is that there is now greater disagreement between models and temps in the past . This is handily concealed by failing to plot data prior to the 1970s.

    • DaveJR,
      Geoff is using circular arguments sustained by the tactic of hoping people confuse long windedness for having something to actually say.

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