Priorities for Pakistan

I’m finishing a report today and traveling tomorrow and Thursday, so posting will be light.

Just to leave you with something to ruminate over, I find this interesting.

Pakistan leads the Global Terrorism Index with 13% of all terrorist deaths.


21% of the population makes less than $1.25 a day.


Pakistan has the world’s second highest number of children not in school.


Pakistan is facing a perpetual energy crisis. The reason is simple: the demand for electricity in Pakistan exceeds supply by 5,000 MW.


So we get this from Linda Heard, ‘Thinker,’ in a special to Gulf News:

“For decades, Pakistan has struggled to manage urgent crises, ranging from infrastructure woes to terrorism. While its policies focus on short-term conventional threats, a potentially devastating danger lurks in the shadows: Climate change. As the impact of global warming continues to grow, the political and economic instability it brings will threaten Pakistan’s security. The Pakistani government must prioritise its response to climate change in order to mitigate environmental threats and prevent future calamities.”

No, Ms. Heard. Pakistan needs to improve its energy supply, education and poverty reduction programs.

Rich countries can afford to do whatever is really needed to combat climate change. Pakistan’s emissions are an asterisk in global totals. Pakistan needs to improve the quality of life for its people.

60% of the emissions in 2040 will come from the top 5 emitters: China, the U.S., Japan, Russia and India. Talk to the top 4 and let’s wait for the rest.




3 responses to “Priorities for Pakistan

  1. What can i say, the world is being run over by climate zombies.

    Here’s something I wrote last summer about Pakistan

  2. Yes, Pakistan needs to improve its energy supply, education, and the quality of life of its people. It can’t do that without improving its government.

    Pakistan was founded based on religious ideology and a sense of grievance. It had no prior history as a nation, no experience of self government (not even as a unit within the British Empire), no ethnic or linguistic unity. The result has been 70 years of misgovernment. Maybe their current stab at democracy will change things. I am not holding my breath.

  3. The article is just an updated version of a 19the century of a “white man’s burden” rationalization for imperialist incursion. Instead if greed thinly veiled by moral superiority, it is greed thinly veiled by climate mythology. Best wishes on your travel. Good luck with your work.

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