“I feel the earth is going to melt very soon.”

“Designer Gaurav Gupta chose to display his collection at the ongoing Amazon India Fashion Week (AIFW) 2016 outside the show area to create awareness about the ill-effects of climate change.

“Titled as “melt”, the collection is inspired by the melancholic apocalypse.

“”I have been thinking a lot about climate change and I feel that the earth is going to melt very soon. I have been over-thinking about the pollution in Delhi as it is one the most polluted cities in the world. It affected me deeply and inspired my whole collection.”

“The collection, predominantly in the shades of orange, blue and grey, presented the melting glaciers in the form of hand embroideries.”

I have nothing to add.


(Gaurav Gupta at AIFW 2016. Image Credit – FDCI Facebook account)

6 responses to ““I feel the earth is going to melt very soon.”

  1. “I feel the earth is going to melt very soon. But please buy my collection before it does.”

  2. He is a fashion victim, along with many others. The cause is the lucrative fashion industry of CO2 driven scaremongering. It is a ruthless and amoral activity, a blot on our history.

  3. The dress designs are very nice, but it would work better if the models had sweaty armpits.

  4. If Gupta ‘feels the earth is going to melt’, presumably that’s his winter outdoor collection?

  5. If you study the history of apocalyptic cults, Gupta is actually fairly typical.
    In the early 19th century the popular apocalyptic cult known today as “MIllerites” denied they ever promoted their true believers to wear special “ascension robes” to meet Jesus. That denial is widely contested.
    Now today’s apocalyptic cult can no longer deny they have special clothes to wear for meeting the end of the world.
    The only thing that has melted regarding “climate change” is the reasoning abilities of the true believers.

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