No Good Climate News Goes Unpunished

Climate change is obviously composed of benefits as well as drawbacks. A phenomenon that is talked of globally, it is expressed regionally and large differences in impacts will be felt according to fate and geography.

Hot summers will be damaging to some, but mild winters will be a boon to others. Although the rain will continue to fall on the just as well as the unjust, for some it will be welcomed, by others lamented.

However, climate activists focus on the risks and the negatives. They are vigilant in monitoring the media. When a meme appears that tends to undercut their narrative, the marketing types at NGOs are quick to respond.


No good news goes unpunished.

March 21, 2016: “While climate change threatens coastal cities and generates extreme weather, the effects of global warming could bring good news to some of France’s most esteemed vineyards. Here, the conditions needed to produce early-ripening fruit, which is historically associated with highly rated wines, have become more frequent, according to research published online Monday in the journal Nature Climate Change.”

March 23, 2016: “We’ll stop whining about climate change when it stops affecting our wine. The warming climate is helping vineyards produce better wine. However, producers in Western Europe and beyond may have to move their production elsewhere if they want to stay in business for the long run — and that includes France, new evidence suggests.

Droughts are the reason for this shake-up. …While global warming is currently improving wine, it spells upheaval and disaster in the long term. For now, the heat has brought out some “grands millesimes,” a French term for great vintages, according to Discovery.”

…”The Columbia study examines where certain vineyards could end up moving. California’s Napa Valley grapes could theoretically end up in Washington or British Columbia. The hills of central China could become the new Chile.”

I’ve seen this too frequently to take it for a coincidence. Every silver lining has its cloud.

Perhaps the Columbia study should have taken a look at the current state of the vintners of the Pacific Northwest. My wife recommends this wine highly.



3 responses to “No Good Climate News Goes Unpunished

  1. The climate obsessed are to any news on weather and climate what the puritans were to any mention of sex or doubting of God. The past 100 years or so has seen growers and vintners have adapted to growing grapes and making wine in new regions world wide. The past 20 years, coinciding with the alleged climate crisis, has seen a golden age of wine, with diverse regions world wide producing great wines. Anyone who knows wine history knows that France lost most of their French grape vines around 100 years ago and that the stock was replaced with California vines due to a root fungus. Once again the climate imperialists depend on rewriting history and a tired storyline of doom. And calling AGW “climate change” is a way to avoid discussing the issue critically. And a critical review of this pernicious social madness is desperately needed. Climate Imperialism is killing our optimistic can-do world view, not to mention reducing the quality of science, education, politics and journalism.

  2. Jo Nova has a great post pushing back on claims women care more about climate change than men do. Money quote:
    “It’s not a sign that they “care more than men”. It’s a sign that they are less willing to take risks and speak against the current predominant meme. Who wants to be called a “denier”? As I’ve been pointing out for years, the reason there are not more women on the skeptical sensible side of the climate debate is because the belief is maintained with social pressure, not logic and reason. Where is the open debate and polite discussion that would allow women to be more involved in the decisions? Manners everyone — they were invented for a reason.”

  3. By the way, please tell your wife she has great taste. We have also enjoyed that wine.

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