It’s a Start–Right Actions From the World Bank

“The World Bank has announced plans to fight climate change through a new Climate Change Action Plan that it hopes will see investment in environmental projects reach $29 billion a year by 2020.” So writes CNBC on their website.


“In a statement on Thursday, the Bank said that, in the next five years, it planned to help countries in the developing world add 30 gigawatts of renewable energy to global energy capacity; provide “early warning systems” to 100 million people; and develop “climate-smart agriculture investment plans for at least 40 countries.”

Green energy does need financing–I’m on board with that. But… early warning systems? Considering the pace at which climate changes that seems a bit strange. If it’s conventional early warning for storms, fine–that’s cool.

As for climate smart agriculture investment plans, well, again I’d like to see some specifics.

The World Bank has some more info on their website, although details seem a bit scant. Turns out I worried needlessly–the early warning system is indeed for natural disasters, so good on them!

Regarding agriculture, they say “Priority areas will include the use of climate resilient seeds, high-efficiency irrigation, livestock productivity, and risk management.” Considering the developing world desperately needs all of those even if the climate stays exactly the same as it does today, hooray!

Let’s fix the developing world and say we did it to stop climate change! People are already using the threat of climate change to do any number of strange things–why not something useful?

The World Bank has a track record of ignoring the plight of the developing world in previous endeavors, forcibly relocating indigenous tribes, etc. Here’s a chance for them to get it right.

I hope we all take advantage of this opportunity.

4 responses to “It’s a Start–Right Actions From the World Bank

  1. Ok, so long as the wrong reasons don’t actually result in doing the wrong things. I am worried about that renewable energy, which is not likely to address the #1 killer in the developing world. Bjorn Lomborg:

    “Power generation, traffic and industry – which is mostly fossil fuel driven and likely what you were thinking about – in total cause 854,000 air pollution deaths. Added to the 560,000 deaths from indoor air pollution caused by coal, this constitute only 20% of total air pollution deaths or about 3,900 deaths each day.”

    “This matters for two reasons. First, it is disingenuous to link the world’s biggest environmental problem of air pollution to climate. It is a question of poverty (most indoor air pollution) and lack of technology (scrubbing pollution from smokestacks and catalytic converters) – not about global warming and CO₂. Second, costs and benefits matter.[vi] Tackling indoor air pollution turns out to be very cheap and effective, whereas tackling outdoor air pollution is more expensive and less effective. Your favorite policy of cutting CO₂ is of course even more costly and has a tiny effect even in a hundred years.”

  2. Frankly after seeing what the real agenda is- the US Virgin Islands being part of a climate fascist effort to silence skeptics- I don’t really care for turning the pig’s ears of climate tainted institutions into silk purses.
    Any and all groups putting time and effort and money into “climate” anything is a proven waste of time, effort and money.
    I am sick of them all.

  3. They could do more to finance hydro. Some nations have outstanding undeveloped potential.

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