Funny, I Thought We’d Have More Choices

Bill Nye the Science Guy apparently wants to send me to prison because I don’t support his policies on climate change.

Sarah Palin thinks climate change is not real and that Bill Nye is not a scientist.

Are these the voices of the climate debate?


Bill McKibben called President Obama a climate denier and Naomi Oreskes used the same term for James Hansen.

The U.S. Attorney General from the U.S. Virgin Islands wants to throw Exxon executives in jail (I guess I could share my cell) for not telling them about climate change, despite the fact that Exxon has no offices or operations in the U.S. Virgin Islands and that place could sure use an attorney general to help reduce the backlog of criminal cases in their justice system.

I’m not sure if I’m reading the script from Idiocracy or Dumb, Dumber and Dumbo Part 3.

There used to be sane voices in the climate conversation. Where did they go?


5 responses to “Funny, I Thought We’d Have More Choices

  1. “There used to be sane voices in the climate conversation. Where did they go?”

  2. There were never sane voices, they were mild because they thought they need only ask to get their own way. Their failure has caused them to ditch the facade and go straight to bullying instead. The alternative would be to admit they haven’t made their case, and involve more work to improve it than they want to put in.

  3. Sane climate voices? Judith Curry and Richard Lindzen are two.
    Unfortunately, H.H. Lamb died in 1997, but his books and papers live on. From them, for example, I learned that prior to about 1,500 BC glaciers did not exist south of the current Canadian border.

    “H. H. Lamb was the greatest climatologist of his time. He, almost single-handed, alerted the world to the inconstancy of present climate.
    In many ways it was inevitable that Lamb would have a distinguished scientific career, because of his family background, but the route he took owed something to his rebellion against inevitabilities. His grandfather was the mathematician Horace Lamb, who published textbooks used by meteorologists, and his father was a professor of engineering.”

    The rest of the obituary is well worth reading.

  4. Sarah Palin is pointing out the truth: Bill Nye is not a scientist. He is a journalist pretending to be a scientist because his act is very lucrative. As for Bill and his fellow legal illiterate punks and their threats of jail: be careful what you wish for.

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