Yep, That Sea Level Rise Will Get ‘Em

Apologies for the less than substantial nature of this and other recent posts. Lots going on and I’ll explain a bit more in a future post.

In news that may surprise you, The Secretariat of the Pacific Regional Environment Programme has announced that climate change is dangerous… to whales. No mechanism for this harm was mentioned…

It can’t be warming oceans. Whales routinely navigate between warm and cold waters and can easily go a bit extra to get where they want to go.

It can’t be the CO2 itself–they’re mammals, after all, and the outgassing of CO2 by warming oceans would not be a problem.

Whales are not troubled by hurricanes, droughts or floods. I’m sure they sing light-hearted whale songs about the grief those give humans, understandable after what humans have done to whales over the last couple of centuries.


It has to be sea level rise, then. No other means is possible.

7 responses to “Yep, That Sea Level Rise Will Get ‘Em

  1. It has got to be sea level. Whales are air breathing creatures and rising sea levels mean they risk drowning by having to swim higher to breath.

    What? You don’t think that’s true? I read it in The Guardian…. I am sure I did.

    • I’d be more concerned about dolphins. When they surface, their blowhole is only a little bit above the sea surface. If sea level rises by ~0.5 m, their blowhole would now be below the surface. They’ll all drown.

  2. Maybe it’s the human response (building offshore wind farms) that’s getting them:

  3. I think its customary to add climate change to any sentence. For example: “excess weight, lack of exercise, and climate change blamed for rise in diabetes”.

  4. I hate it when I try and be humorous and my commenters are better at it.

  5. The climate hypesters provide a comedy target rich environment…..
    The unfunny part of this is that people who are in allegedly serious jobs are spending a great deal of time on “climate change”.
    That means that they are not spending time on actual serious issues.

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