Start of the Next Hiatus

Well, I’m not referring to global average temperatures…


I intend to put The Lukewarmer’s Way in mothballs for an undetermined period of time. My farewell post will probably be Sunday or Monday.

I’ve stopped blogging several times in the past, mistakenly using the words ‘quitting’ or ‘retiring.’ I’m now under no illusions that this hiatus is anything else. I’m sure I’ll be back.

The major reason is lack of time. However, there are other contributing factors.

  1. I have said most of what I have to say about climate change, human contributions to same and the Lukewarm response. While it’s amusing to point out the flaws of activist papers and the foibles of activists, it is getting repetitive and less interesting.
  2. I find the current state of the climate conversation both sterile and a bit depressing. There is no real communication happening. Instead, each of the three sides publishes a broadside, waits for opponents to react and then starts insulting the other two.
  3. To really contribute beyond what I have offered to date would involve more study than I can realistically commit to. I’m not a scientist and would need to become one to say more at this time. I’m hopeful that when (not if) I return to the fray the pendulum will have swung back to a point where my perspective will be useful.

I’m happy that there are new voices that can more than adequately substitute for mine. Most of them are more to the skeptical side than ‘proper’ lukewarmers, but I view the climate blogosphere as composed of ecological niches, and I don’t think the niche I occupy is really under-inhabited.

You will probably continue to see me in the comments sections of weblogs that will tolerate my presence and I may from time to time post on Cliscep.

I will also be back for a one-time analysis of the International Energy Outlook when it is finally released. I have been told that the oft-delayed report will finally make its appearance in May. While I am hoping that it will give me the opportunity to say I was wrong about my pessimistic forecast of energy consumption, we’ll have to wait for the numbers.

As I said, this is just a warning post. My actual good-bye will be in a few days.

7 responses to “Start of the Next Hiatus

  1. Sorry to see you go, Tom. You have been a part of my morning since you began this blog. Best of luck to you.

  2. Good luck, Tom. You filled a void and did a great job. I will miss you.

  3. Tom, it is a great pleasure to read your thoughts. Even when we disagree, your good faith and common sense allows us to disagree without being disagreeable. Your insights as written here and in your books compose an important contribution to this contentious issue. Thanks for hosting such an excellent site for such a long time. I hope you enjoy your hiatus…but that your hiatus is not as long as the world climate hiatus.

  4. Thanks for a great blog. You’re a talented writer and you’ve made a lot of this stuff more interesting.

  5. Au revoir.

    Thank you for co-authoring The Crutape Letters, and for writing this blog – where I learned about the Great Flood of 1861-62 in California, which happened before carbon dioxide ruined the weather!

    Some parting, farewell thoughts: During the last several hundred million years as all life was evolving, both on land and in the seas, atmospheric carbon dioxide was many times today’s levels most of the time. No temperature tipping point was reached dooming all life; the oceans did not become acid.

    Burning fossil fuels returns carbon dioxide to the atmosphere, where it previously resided, and in tiny quantities compared to previous levels. It is inconceivable that the rabid climate activists can be correct.

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