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A Winning Political Strategy Against The Konsensus

Yesterday I painted a rather gloomy picture of brownouts and forced rationing of CO2 emissions, the logical outcome of the Konsensus strategy to defeat global warming. (Repeated disclaimer: There is a broad consensus in science on a narrow interpretation of … Continue reading

Why the Konsensus Doesn’t Talk About Legitimate Surveys of Climate Scientists

Almost since the beginning of the controversy over man-made climate change and its potential impacts on human society, policy advocates have jumped in front of the science repeatedly. This has contributed to a politicization of the issue and a polarization … Continue reading

Comparing What Science Says To What The Konsensus Says, Part 1: The Hockey Stick

As I hope to show, there is a very real difference between what mainstream science says and what members of the Krazy Klimate Konsensus spout at every opportunity. The Hockey Stick and Michael Mann The Hockey Stick Chart showed a … Continue reading

The Climate Consensus vs. The Klimate Konsensus

Those who stand in opposition to the popular madness that is the climate debate have spent a lot of time identifying the differences we have with each other. Hence we Lukewarmers look carefully at where we differ from full-throated skeptics … Continue reading

The Klimate Konsensus in one Komment

In case you are wondering what the difference is between the consensus of mainstream science on climate change and the Krazy Konsensus hyperventilating about doom that no-one predicts, I thought I would share an example of the Konsensus here. I … Continue reading

There is a Consensus on Climate Change. There is also a Klimate Konsensus

Two reputable surveys (von Storch et al 2008 and Verheggen et al 2014) found that about 80% 66% of scientists involved in climate science or closely related fields support a fairly narrow consensus–the obvious points being the operation of greenhouse gases … Continue reading

Grey Lady Down On Climate Story

Via Bishop Hill we are led to an article by Tony Thomas in Quadrant. The article is about the results of Steve Milloy’s successful Freedom of Information requests for emails regarding the NOAA’s involvement with an opinion piece published in … Continue reading

It’s Getting Warmer

As 2015 draws to a close bloggers will all be trying to put their stamp on the year. And Then There’s Physics leads off, calling 2015 the hottest year in the temperature record, breaking the brief record set by 2014. He’s … Continue reading

Judith Curry, Climate Change’s Rorschach Test

Note: I have banned ATTP from commenting at this blog, as he has banned me from his. As I write critically of his post here, he is welcome to respond in the comments should he choose to do so. Not … Continue reading

Oh, Dat Nutty Nuccitelli–Lying For The Climate Cause Again

Dana Nuccitelli has it in for skeptics, whom he lovingly calls ‘climate deniers.’ He doesn’t like us Lukewarmers much either, saying we’re in the ‘third stage of climate denial.‘ The UK’s Guardian, which is so sloppy it is nicknamed ‘The Grauniad’, … Continue reading

The Mistake I Made When Criticizing Anderegg, Prall et al PNAS 2010

I don’t like mistakes, but I do make them. In the climate wars I really don’t like mistakes because they clutter up the conversation and give Konsensus Kooks ammunition they cheerfully use against me and other Lukewarmers. Anderegg, Prall et … Continue reading

Antidotes to the Pre-Paris Psychotic Frenzy

As has happened with every COP to date, the media is unquestioningly carrying hyperbolic stories about the doom climate change may bring to us. The reason is the approaching conference in Paris, COP 21, the latest in a series of … Continue reading

A Different Look At Business As Usual–Climate Style

Probably the least reported climate story this year is the wonderful news that emissions of greenhouse gases did not rise in 2014, the first time that ever happened without an accompanying economic downturn. For the climate mainstream, good news is … Continue reading

Perfect Sunday

I haven’t had a day off for three weeks, so it’s really refreshing to just have a Sunday morning with nothing to do. It’s even better when I can start the day off with a new post from Steve McIntyre, … Continue reading

Obama publicly humiliates Kevin Trenberth

Kevin Trenberth, valiantly reprising the role of Robert Stadler in Atlas Shrugged (I read it so you don’t have to–the politics in that books are as functional as first generation climate models and the characters make Marvel Comics look like … Continue reading

Climate Counter Punching

The relentless pace of promoting my book has me in such a state that I’m almost relieved to be distracted by more of the usual nonsense emanating from such anonymous climate bullies as Eli Rabett and And Then There’s Physics. (But … Continue reading

A New Master of Climate Disaster

I realize that Emma Thompson set the bar pretty high by proclaiming that we would achieve 4C of warming by 2030. And while her co-religionists on the Konsensus side are willing to acknowledge she exaggerated slightly, they say it’s only … Continue reading

Is This Evidence That Climate Change Should Frighten Us?

Steve McIntyre has apparently finished his summer holiday spree on American football. As he was not dissecting my San Francisco 49ers (looks like the opposition will do it instead…) I am quite pleased to report he has returned to his normal … Continue reading

Real Climate’s Stefan Rahmstorf–A History of Defamation

Yesterday we looked at the long history of attacks on Bjorn Lomborg by Konsensus Kooks. It was prompted by the latest such diatribe by Stefan Rahmstorf of Real Climate. Lomborg should be used to this by now. But the rest … Continue reading

Real Climate: When In Doubt, Slime Lomborg–The Witch Hunt Never Stopped

Coming just days after they posted approvingly about something they admit is ‘a long winded story’ about a paper written by the Konsensus hit team that happened to be rejected by five journals before finally being accepted, Real Climate (should … Continue reading

Ignoring Instead of Learning Lessons From the Medieval Warming Period

I’m reading a fascinating history book by Ian Morris called Why the West Rules–For Now. Morris writes frequently about the role climate has played throughout history. He writes about the Medieval Warming Period at some length. This is the Medieval Warming … Continue reading

Update on Sea Level Rise

Reuters writes, “Global sea levels climbed 3 inches since 1992, NASA research shows.” That’s less than one inch every 8 years. If it continues at that pace we will see 1 foot of sea level rise this century. It doesn’t … Continue reading

So close… and yet so far

Okay which song is the title of this post from. Can you sing it? Hint–it isn’t the title. I remember the John D. and Catherine MacArthur foundation from the days that they were always sponsoring programs on PBS. (I told … Continue reading

Crusade to Climate Jerusalem

Although this post will focus on some of the things climate activists say, I don’t want anyone to imagine that it would be difficult to find similar statements from their opponents, the climate skeptics. I am focusing on climate activists … Continue reading

7,764,300 People Vote Climate Change Off The Island

“My World is a United Nations global survey for citizens. Working with partners, we aim to capture people’s voices, priorities and views, so world leaders can be informed as they begin the process of defining the next set of global … Continue reading

Climate Child Abuse

A feature appearing in In These Times is titled “Is Climate Change Causing Pre-Traumatic Stress Disorder in Millenials?‘ The answer is apparently yes, although we have to wade through stories about Paul Ehrlich drinking to cope beforehand. The story references … Continue reading

More on Verheggen et al: Great Survey. Pity about the report… It’s still 66%.

As I wrote yesterday, “I have written several times about the 2012 survey by Bart Verheggen and theNetherlands Environmental Survey. However, the climate blogosphere has started to look at it and is coming to some incorrect conclusions. But that’s okay, … Continue reading

Verheggen’s Consensus: Not 97%, not 47%. It’s 66%.

Update: After an exchange of comments with Bart Verheggen, he has pointed out that he did indeed reference the headline figure I said he was ignoring in his paper in EST–the 66% who said half or more of recent warming … Continue reading

Is It Just Me Or Is Climate Change Making Everybody Crazy?

I hope the title is a two-sided attempt at humor. Certainly I get so frustrated at some of the looniness spouted by both extremes on the climate spectrum that I wonder if I am still sane. Certainly I wonder if … Continue reading

Obama, Sanders and the Republicans on Climate Change. Not Edifying.

From a Lukewarmer standpoint, when climate change is discussed by politicians running for office, little good is done. Precious little knowledge is displayed. No judgement at all is discerned. On the other hand, when a politician no longer is running … Continue reading

John Cook–Identity Thief

I might actually have several posts today–lots to talk about. But, as always in the climate debate, scandal before science! John Cook is an Australian and the founder of the Konsensus website ‘Skeptical Science’. It is not Skeptical. It is … Continue reading

In Praise of Judith Curry’s Week in Review–and the Social Cost of Carbon

As someone who tries to keep up with stories related to energy and climate change, I know how hard it is to keep your finger on the pulse. I used to do a weekly review here at TLW and it … Continue reading

Playing Fair In The 75th Annual Climate Games

The UK Guardian has an article today about how the world’s largest public relations firm has lost four top executives and two clients because it deigned to do business with fossil fuel industry companies. This is hardball, putting pressure  to … Continue reading


I suppose a temperature-related word is best to describe the climate change debate. It is frozen. Skeptics focus on one set of measurements and evaluations, the Konsensus on another and in the middle are the climate scientists. Where skeptics look … Continue reading

Xtreme Weather and Self Inflicted Wounds

Although consensus scientists are properly cautious about global warming’s effect on weather extremes (with the IPCC publishing a report called SREX 2012 specifically stating that weather events cannot be linked to global warming), the Krazy Konsensus Kooks cannot resist tying … Continue reading

Climate Messaging Meltdown

Those advocating quick and robust action to fight climate change have never been the most adept at communicating their message. From careless and aggressive social media messages (‘We know where you live. And we be many but you be few… … Continue reading

In Which Eli Rabett Personifies Joseph McCarthy–The Attacks On EcoModernism Begin

Because The EcoModernist Manifesto is both logical and reasonable in its approach to dealing with climate change, it is anathema to the Konsensus Alarmists that split off from logic and reason long ago. It’s actually quite good and if you … Continue reading

As Estimates For Sensitivity Lower, The Debate Has Gotten More Vicious

Skeptic blogger Jo Nova has always been one of my favorites, primarily because she tries to go beyond the old arguments and is willing to dig deeper to find and then make her points. Jo has a post up with … Continue reading

Your Daily Climate Panic Story…

…comes to you courtesy of MSN. This time it’s cholera. I guess plague is just around the corner. MSN writes, “Since the early 1990s, the concern for another pandemic has been haunting public health officials. What makes their worry more … Continue reading

The 6th Extinction and the Dog That Didn’t Bark

As the San Jose Mercury News reports, “In the most sobering study of extinction yet, a team of Bay Area scientists says that animal species are disappearing at an accelerating rate — portending the sixth mass extinction in the 4.5-billion-year … Continue reading

Viscount Monckton (almost) Gets The Final Word

Well, Monckton Week at The Lukewarmer’s Way finishes today. It’s been an instructive week, with Viscount Monckton’s responses to my questions and statements about recognition of human contributions to climate change going far beyond a simple yes or no. The previous … Continue reading

More From Monckton

Update: Viscount Monckton has replied to the questions I posed him. I have inserted them here in italics. This is another post providing you readers with more complete responses to my Climate Change Recognition questions to Viscount Monckton. As before, … Continue reading

Viscount Monckton Takes The RAMA Challenge

I am trying to develop a RAMA initiative, working to improve our understanding of Recognition and Attribution of climate changes and later to prepare and prioritize options for Mitigation and Adaptation should they prove needed. Yesterday I offered a set … Continue reading

Recognition and Attribution

Our world has grown complex enough that metrics matter. It is famously said that what doesn’t get measured doesn’t get managed. In climate science, our inability to produce simple metrics has delayed action while further polarizing the debate. About 66% … Continue reading

IPCC WG2 Tells Us What 26 Key Risks of Climate Change Are–And How To Fight Them

Well, this may be the longest post I’ve ever written. It comes about because of the serendipitous combination of my current focus on adaptation and my casual reading of a comment over at the Konsensus weblog Rabett Run. I had … Continue reading

Adaptation: Evaluation of IPCC AR5 WG2–Did Bjorn Lomborg Write This?

Adaptation: The process of adjustment to actual or expected climate and its effects. In human systems, adaptation seeks to moderate or avoid harm or exploit beneficial opportunities. In some natural systems, human intervention may facilitate adjustment to expected climate and … Continue reading

Meditation on Mitigation

Happy Sunday, everybody. Let’s take a minute for some morning meditation about mitigation. My knees don’t bend like that any more. Actually, they never did. If you start with the assumption (and skeptics will call it a heroic assumption) that … Continue reading

Lukewarmers under the microscope

Over at the blog Making Science Public, Brigitte Nerlich is trying to figure out who Lukewarmers are, what we actually think and how we’re different from skeptics and warmists. After a lot of discussion it turns out that we agree … Continue reading

Global Warming and 30C Temperatures

Today in Taipei it reached 30C by 9:00 a.m. That’s 86F for you incorrigibles out there. It changes how you think of your day. You break the day into activity in the morning, reading (or napping) in the afternoon and … Continue reading

From Climate Hero to Denier–McKibben Goes After The President

Not since Theodore Roosevelt has a president shown as much concern for the environment as Barack Obama. Much of that concern has been evidenced in his efforts to combat climate change. From spending early political capital in a vain effort … Continue reading