This blog will attempt to put forward the case for a Lukewarm view of climate change–that we should prepare for global warming of about two degrees Celsius over the course of this century. This warming will have a negative impact on parts of the planet and it is worth doing what we can to stop it or slow it down. Failing that, it is worth spending money and effort to make communities and regions better prepared to cope with the effects of this climate change.

My name is Tom Fuller. I’ve been writing on climate change for a few years and more recently have focused on energy and especially energy consumption. That has greatly increased my interest in climate change issues.

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  1. Tom,
    I’m also one of those rare liberal lukewarmers! Although I’ve been a weather wonk and occasional student of climate all my life since age 11, it was seeing the hockey stick that first made my eyes roll. Sometime later I read the Crutape Letters that you and Mosh wrote, and in recent years I’ve been teaching a class in Global Warming/Climate Change at the OLLI Institute of Furman University.

    As a fellow liberal and lukewarmer I am ready to assist you and others. I’ve written a web site to explain climate sensitivity and the changing climate sensitivity estimates which you can find here-

    I occasionally post that link as part of a blog or newspaper comment.

    BTW, I didn’t realize you had retired, and I had not taken a look at your blogs recently because I thought you still were in China.

    Doug Allen

    • Doug Allen, I read your essay and found it well written and quite balanced. You asked for comments but did not supply any ability to contact you?
      I wondered why you did not include or mention the global tide gauge records which do not agree with the satellite records?

  2. Tom:

    Please send me a good email address for you.

  3. There is a new posting at http://www.ecofascism.com containing a list of 356 climate sceptical and/or enviro-critical websites; plus additional info on the enviro-critic community and its funders.

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